To be the catalyst that transforms our clients into market leaders and industry disruptors.

At Capital Growth Partners, our vision embodies the essence of transformative success. We aspire to serve as the pivotal force behind our clients’ journey to becoming unrivaled market leaders and pioneering industry disruptors.

Our approach is grounded in deep strategic insights, cutting-edge innovation, and a relentless focus on achieving exceptional outcomes. By partnering with us, businesses unlock their potential to redefine market standards, setting new benchmarks for excellence and innovation.

This vision is not just about leading the change; it’s about creating a legacy of leadership and disruption that inspires entire industries.


To accelerate sustainable business growth for our clients, enabling them to maximize stakeholder value.

At Capital Growth Partners, we’re committed to driving sustainable business growth by focusing on the three core pillars of capital: Financial, Human, and Intellectual.

We understand that these elements are the foundation of any successful enterprise. By enhancing these key areas, we guide our clients towards sustained growth and maximize value for all stakeholders, ensuring a robust and prosperous future.

Our Team

Established in 2014, Capital Growth Partners is a professional business advisory firm comprised of seasoned mobility and technology industry experts with exceptional track records as entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, corporate leaders, disruptors and innovators

  • Deep Industry Experience
  • Broad Business Knowledge and Expertise
  • Strategic Insight
  • Cross-function Collaboration
  • Growth Architects
  • Innovative Problem Sovers
  • Extensive Professional Networks

Stephen John
Managing Partner

Bob Lafon
Managing Partner

Tony Andrews
Managing Partner

Greg Wade

Donna Rivera
Executive Assistant

Kris Stover
Chief of Staff

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